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Get Allergy Relief — BAX-3000

Relief for Allergy Sufferers — BAX-3000


A new, revolutionary piece of allergy-testing equipment, specifically called the BAX-3000 Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy (NSRT), is gaining international recognition as cutting-edge technology. Treatment is painless and simple, but incredibly effective. The BAX-3000 retrains the body to no longer react negatively to allergens that have previously caused a patient to cough, sneeze, swell, tear up, wheeze, or create blocked nasal and throat passages.

For most environmental allergy sufferers, limited treatment options include medication, which only reduces symptoms, not eliminate or significantly decrease the actual allergy. What's more, many medications treat only one set of allergies, so one pill may provide relief to pollen, but is ineffective for a pet dander allergy. Medication can also come with side effects, such as drowsiness, inability to sleep at night, or creating a living haze. Over time, medication tends to diminish in effectiveness. Injections are another allergy option that creates pain and a frequent time commitment for doctor visits.

For food allergy sufferers, the only option is avoiding the allergen food altogether. This can be especially difficult when eating away from home.

Imagine the possibilities of living life allergy-free. The BAX-3000 quickly provides treatment for all of your allergies at one time in a comfortable environment without pills, shots, or medication. What's more, Dr. Petropulos is the only doctor in the Denver metro-area with the training and equipment to administer BAX-3000 treatments to patients.

This groundbreaking technology should also be considered for those suffering from more serious conditions, such as migraines, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and eczema. Instead of easing symptoms with a restrictive diet, vitamin supplements, or ointments, the BAX-3000 offers a non-drug solution.

BAX-3000 - How It Works

Allergies, food sensitivities, and many common chronic conditions are simply the body having an inappropriate reaction to what SHOULD be a harmless substance. To protect itself from a perceived threat, the body inadvertently causes symptoms that create suffering. To eliminate these symptoms, the BAX-3000 utilizes biofeedback to re-educate the body to no longer react inappropriately to these harmless, ordinary substances by eliminating neurological responses that trigger allergic reactions, sensitivities, and symptoms associated with these conditions.


The BAX-3000 houses tens of thousands of digitized substances, which mimic the properties of actual allergens. When exposed to a digitized allergen, receptor molecules on a patient's skin cells interpret it as an actual allergen, resulting in a physical reaction if allergic or sensitive to that substance. This reaction is imperceptible to the patient, but detected by the computer. Each patient is systematically exposed to thousands of harmless digitized substances, one by one, while simultaneously measuring the body's reaction, all within minutes.

Once all allergy-causing symptoms are identified, you are exposed to each allergen again while a laser or other mechanical instrumentation stimulates specific points along the spine and other areas of your body. This stimulation causes an endorphin release in the brain. The combination of stimulation and endorphin release causes the body to be conditioned to accept these allergens as harmless.

BAX-3000 - Safe for All Ages

This process is safe and effective for all ages. The BAX-3000 is FDA cleared as a biofeedback device, which reduces or eliminates stress placed upon the immune system, so it can work more efficiently.

BAX-3000 - How Long Does It Take?


An actual treatment takes about 5 minutes. Usually, if the treatment is still effective 24 hours later, it should be effective for the life of the patient. One allergen group is treated per visit, with the treatment program length varying greatly from one individual to another, depending on the number and intensity of the allergies.

BAX-3000 - Success Rates

High success rates are due to extraordinarily-specific diagnostics. The BAX-3000 identifies offending substances via category, such as pollen; subcategory, like specific-plant pollen; and molecular component, or phenolic, of the subcategory. An allergen is a combination of numerous substances, each composed of multiple components and molecules. Since properly identified, success rates rise tremendously, now from 80% to 92%, with increasing success rates as research expands.

Gain the freedom to eat, breathe, and touch substances that used to cause discomfort. Contact Rejuvenate Wellness Center for more information about the BAX-3000 or to schedule an appointment, (303) 850-0880.