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Holistic Illness Protocol

Begin all protocols at the first sign of illness!

  • Water—Drink plenty of reverse osmosis water to flush the toxins from your body.
  • Buffered C Powder every 2 hours—Call office for dosage.
  • GlycoBalance Aloe Immune Matrix—2 scoops per day in water or applesauce (available from The Life Center).
  • Acidophilus—1/4 tsp 3x per day.
  • Silver—1/2 tsp 3x per day orally; 4-7 drops in each nostril every 3 hours OR 3 to 4x a day (available from The Life Center).

Starve a cold:

  • Chicken soup—Eat only chicken soup or turkey soup - soup morning, noon and night. Easy digestion allows your gut immune system to focus on fighting the infection and healing your body. (Keep homemade chicken soup in your freezer, so it's readily available when needed—you won't feel like cooking when you're sick.)
  • Rest—Take a nap. Go to bed early. Sleep. Allow your body time to heal.
  • Fresh air—Weather permitting, open windows to air out your living space, especially sleeping and recuperating areas. Even in severe weather, airing out a room for just 10 minutes is beneficial. An air cleaner is also helpful.
  • Sunshine—Weather permitting, expose your face and bare skin to at least 20 minutes of sunshine each day. Breathe deeply. Increase Vitamin D this helps your immune system fight infection.

Feed a Fever:

  • Hot baths—Take hot baths with 1/4 cup sea salt or 1/4 cup dry mustard spice.
  • Humidifier—Humidity is beneficial, especially for a cough.
  • Hot water bottle—If experiencing chills, a hot water bottle can be comforting.
  • Warming socks—See below.

Fever is the body's way of fighting infection so allow it to run it's course unless it gets above 103.5. Please call our office if your fever exceeds 103.

Specific protocols for specific symptoms:


  • Magnesium citrate—Two 400-mg capsules, 2x per day.  If bowels do not move increase dosage until they do.  If you experience diarrhea back off on the dosage until bowels normalize.


  • YUK tea—1 to 2 tablespoons every 2 hours; available from The Life Center).
  • Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Peplic Herbal Supplement by Scientific Botanicals—1/4 tsp before meals and bedtime; available from The Life Center.


  • Swab inside of ear with Q-Tip® rinsed with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Ear Drops by Gaia's Children Herbs—Available from Vitamin Cottage. 


  • Silver—1/2 tsp 3x per day.
  • Acidophilus—1/4 tsp 3x per day.
  • Ginger tea
  • Rice water—Add 1/2 cup brown rice to 2 quarts of water; boil until rice is cooked. Drink water.
  • Light diet—Eat soup and/or clear broth.
  • Activated charcoal—Follow package instructions (available from Vitamin Cottage).


  • Inflammation Drops by MBi Nutraceuticals—Available from Rejuvenate Wellness Center.
  • A fever is beneficial; it is your body's defense mechanism. If tolerable, allow your fever to run its course.

Pain reliever

  • White Willow Bark
    • 1 capsule, 400 mg, 12+/adult dosage
    • 2/3 capsule, 6 –11 years
    • 1/3 capsule, 2–6 years


  • Gargle with salt water—1 cup reverse osmosis water with ¼ tsp Real Brand Orsa Salt or Celtic Sea Salt. Swab inside of nose with Q-Tip® rinsed with salt water.
  • Throat Mist by Wise Woman Herbals—Available from The Life Center.

Warming Socks

Purpose: To stimulate your body's ability to heal by raising body temperature.


  • Anytime you feel like you're “coming down with something”
  • Congestion in the head, ears, sinus, throat, or lungs
  • Headaches
  • Immune system stimulation
  • Insomnia
  • Sprained or strained ankles


  • One pair 100% wool socks
  • One pair cotton socks
  • Water


  • Warm feet in hot/warm water for 5 minutes. Soak feet or take a shower or bath.
  • Run cotton socks under cold water. Thoroughly wring out extra water.
  • Put cotton socks on feet. Cover with dry wool socks.
  • Go to bed, cover with blankets, and avoid getting chilled.

The procedure works best when repeated for as many nights as necessary to improve your condition.

In the morning, you will find the wet cotton socks have dried while you slept and your condition has improved. It's worth a try!