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  • New Year Soup Cleanse
    Dear Rejuvenate Wellness Center Enthusiast,  We like to ring in the New Year with Dr. P's soup cleanse. It's a fantastic way to clean and reset your system after the holidays. Read more
  • Natural Appetite Suppressants
    Dear Rejuvenate Wellness Enthusiast,  We know that many people will start the paleo diet with the goal of improved health and energy, but we also understand that many people pursue this Read more
  • AutismOne Event
    This week, we want to share a special event which will be held by AutismOne in May 2017. AutismOne is an organization whose mission is to educate the public about Read more
  • Brain Boosters
    This week, we want to discuss ways to improve brain function through the foods that we eat, cognitive exercises, and supplements which help us to stay sharp throughout our lives. Read more
  • Eczema
    According to the National Eczema Association, 31.6 million Americans struggle with eczema to some degree. They also estimate that 17.8 million suffer from moderate to severe symptoms. It is incredibly Read more
  • Lyme Disease
    We hope that you are having a good week! This week, we want to discuss Lyme disease including the causes, symptoms, and treatment options. As always, check out our tasty Read more
  • Improving Liver Function
    Dear Rejuvenate Wellness Center Enthusiast, The liver is a key player in your body's digestive system. Everything we intake passes through it. It is important to treat it with care so Read more
  • Colloidal Silver
    This week, we want to discuss the health benefits of using colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is used to treat infections both topically as well as internally. It is best known Read more
  • New Year, New Mindset
    We hope that you are having a wonderful holiday week! With the new year fast approaching, we thought that we'd discuss strategies for establishing a healthy mindset. Maybe you're thinking Read more
  • Boosting Immunity
    We hope that you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration! This week, we want to focus on boosting immunity naturally as we move into the coldest winter months. We've Read more
  • Himalayan Salt Benefits
    This week, we want to discuss the health benefits of Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is a rock salt found in the Punjab region of Pakistan and is known for its Read more
  • Heavy Metals
    This week, we want to talk about heavy metals. What are their detrimental effects on the body, and how can we test for toxicity levels? We've also shared some safe Read more
  • Caring For Your Teeth
    This week, we want to discuss healthy tooth and mouth care. Also, as we lead up to Thanksgiving, we wanted to share some tasty dishes to spice up your table. Read more
  • Post-Thanksgiving Reset
    We hope that you had a lovely holiday filled with family, friends, and tasty dishes! Speaking of tasty food, we thought that we would dedicate this week's newsletter to a Read more
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
    This week, we want to discuss Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). What are the causes of this seasonal depression, and how can you fight back in a healthy way? As always, Read more
  • Benefits of Turmeric
    Turmeric is a spice used around the world and is commonly thought of in conjunction with curries. We also know that turmeric may be one of the most effective nutritional Read more