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We value our patients' experiences at Rejuvenate Inc. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Success Stories

Cancer & Acid Reflux, Margaret:

"On June 18, 2007, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer due to distant metastases in lymph nodes over my left collarbone. I was told that it was an aggressive form of papillary carcinoma. Just after my big cancer operation, a long-time friend came to visit me in the hospital. She suggested I see Dr. P, as he had done some really great things for her entire family. My husband and I talked it over. He wanted me to do chemo. I did not. But, we agreed to research my options.

"First, I would like to give credit to our Lord. I got down on my face before Him and begged for healing two days before my surgery. My highly specialized gynecologic oncologist surgeon came to speak with us in my room the day after surgery. He looked perplexed as he gave us the good news that they had not found any more cancerous lymph nodes after removing both cancerous ovaries and the uterus. He had fully expected to find more cancer. I told him that I wasn't surprised, because I had been really praying for healing. He touched the area over my collarbone and pointedly said, "You have cancer here! If you do not do chemo, you have 6 to 12 months!" Well! No pressure there, eh?

"So, we had a few visits back and forth between the regular oncologist and Dr. P. It was surreal for me to be sitting in an oncologist's office-I just didn't even feel sick before my operation. But, I did feel pretty nervous sitting there listening to other patients in the waiting room as they described their experiences with chemo to each other. I felt totally safe and happy at Dr. P's office. I really liked it there. Dr. P did say that it was my choice, and that if I chose to do the chemo, he would support me through it. However, every fiber of my being cried out against it. After really looking at the info we found out about chemo vs. alternative methods of healing, my husband changed his position. We decided to go with the alternative medicine.

"Dr. P has been a great health coach to me. He fully explains things, and takes the time to answer all my questions and concerns. After several months on his program, I felt better than I had in many years. I learned that reducing your stress and what you put into your mouth really does matter! Plus, through supplements and natural therapies, Dr. P built up my immune system in a tremendous way. I lost a lot of weight, and I had the same sort of energy that I had when I was in my twenties! I got the cancer diagnosis the week after I turned 50. I am now 54. We said, "So long!!!" to that 6-to-12 month prognosis from the surgeon.

"I have never gone back to the oncologist, but I do still see my primary care physician, Dr. C. He keeps up with my blood tests for the cancer marker. It has slowly but steadily gone down until it is now in the low 70s. Normal is 0 to 30. A person who is bad off has numbers in the high hundreds to low thousands. So, while my results are not in total remission, I have attained what is called non-progressive disease. Dr. C asks me from time-to-time if I'm sure I wouldn't like to do the chemo. He said that he is not trying to pressure me, but that he is just doing his job. He then says, "Just keep doing what you have been doing, Margaret." He knows that I see Dr. P.

"In addition, acid reflux runs in my family. I had a really bad episode with that in March, 2008, and I ended up in the hospital. Dr. C used that opportunity to get me to do a CT scan from my neck down thru my pelvic area. They did not find any new lumps at all. He was amazed. We were ecstatic! The gastroenterologist I saw at the time when I was in the hospital started me on some heavy duty acid reflux medicine, but my system just could not tolerate it at all. Once again, I decided to go with Dr. P's healing methods, and I have been pleased with that.

"Also, another friend of mine who was having her own health issues saw what Dr. P had accomplished with my recovery, and she decided to see him, too. She has also had great results. She told me in her own words, "He saved my life!" I don't know if she meant that literally or figuratively, but I do know that I have seen her transform from a very large woman down to a more normal size.

"I plan to continue my own association with Dr. P and his helpful, friendly staff. We have been extremely pleased with the outcome of his care. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great alternative health care physician."

  • "Dr P: YOU ARE THE MAN!! I went to the kidney doc, and he wondered why he was seeing me when he looked at my labs. So he looked back at old labs. Oh! It turns out my lab results were the BEST I had on record (going back to 2004). My kidneys are definitely getting better! I asked him if he was curious what I was doing. "Yes." So I told him how my nutrition doctor was helping me. He was interested and wanted to know everything I was taking. He said I should keep doing it, and I certainly didn't need to see him anymore. My kidney disease went from a classification of Level II to Level I. He still seemed a little skeptical, but said with a laugh, maybe I should go gluten free!

    Thank you for all your help and guidance, and for the way Jesus is using you to help people like me!"
    Kidney Disease, Phil:
  • "After Dr. Petropulos successfully treated me for an overactive thyroid, I took my daughter in for an evaluation. She suffered from virus-induced and exercise-induced asthma. As a 3rd grader, she missed 11 days of school, she used her inhaler every day before gym, and her pediatrician suggested putting her on steroids during the fall and winter months if her asthma worsened. Dr. Petropulos determined she had food sensitivities to gluten/wheat, dairy, and corn. By avoiding these allergens, my daughter doesn't have asthma. We do need to be careful when she has a cold/cough, but otherwise she's asthma-free. My daughter just completed the 8th grade and received special recognition for being the only student in her school with two years of perfect attendance. I completely trust and highly recommend Dr. Petropulos."
    Overactive Thyroid & Asthma, Lee Ann: