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Applied Kinesiology

What is Applied Kinesiology?

The way our bodies perceive the environment is by frequency. Light is frequency and different colors of light are different frequencies. So sight is frequency detection and interpretation. Hearing is the perception of frequency or sound and its interpretation. Taste is a molecule of food producing a frequency that a taste bud receives and the brain interprets as a flavor. So consider that all your sensory apparatus function as frequency receptors and your central nervous system interprets their input as cognitive information. Taste (flavors), Sounds(words, noises, etc.),Sight ( colors, light, objects, people). 

Your gastrointestinal immune system (70% of the immune system resides here) has a very specific job to perform and that is to protect you from pathogens Micro organisms) that can kill or injure you. Salmonella, E Coli, Mersa, C. Diff. etc. What would happen if the immune system required that these pathogens be fully digested and dissected internally before it could mount an immune attack on them? They would probably kill us before we made the determination of the their pathogenic nature. It is for this reason that the body knows innately the frequencies of these pathogens or the sounds that they make based on there atomic signature and will react to there approach with an immune response commensurate to their virulence and numbers. The immune system can pick up these frequencies as they enter your bio magnetic field which can emanate several feet from your core.

To illustrate this phenomenon you can place different foods in your mouth and take your pulse. If it rises 10 beats from its resting rate it means that it is causing systemic anxiety and potentially an negative immune response. This is putting food in your mouth, not in your blood stream, under your skin or into your lower digestive tract. This is just your oral cavity. No digestion has taken place or absorption of any kind. So the only way that the body can know what is in your mouth is by frequency determination.

To test substances with AK we first must find a strong indicator muscle. That is a muscle that is strong before we challenge with any substances. Once we have a strong muscle to use for testing we then can take different foods, chemical, microbes, etc and place them under a strong magnet and begin to challenge the body with these substances over acupuncture points that are sensitive to the frequencies we are using. When using a magnet we find that the magnet will amplify the frequency of the testing substrate and in doing so give us a better neurological response and more accurate testing.

If what we are testing has a negative influence on the body we will find that the once strong indicator muscle will weaken when challenged. This helps us to screen for potential stress inducing foods or chemicals. If we find microbes that are complicit in creating an infection testing in this manner we are able to find a natural herbal remedy that will help to mitigate the infection.

Our goal in doing this type of testing is to find a variety of foods that will react harmoniously with your digestive tract and reduce total system stress. By reducing system stress we can normalize immune function and in the case of autoimmunity attenuate the hyper vigilance of the immune system and reverse or slow the disease progression.